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Do you find yourself unable to stop, drowning in feelings of guilt, and fear of never reaching the end of your “todo” list? Is it always “tomorrow” that you are going to begin doing something just for you?

In this busy world where time seems to be the most valuable commodity, it can be easy to just fill and fill it with obligations to work, family, friends until you hit exhaustion. Still, you drag yourself up and keep going, believing that one day you will find the time to think about recharging your batteries. Before you know it, you are getting angry, feeling resentful, or finally being physically ill before you actually STOP! And even then, you don’t allow yourself enough time to heal, stepping back onto the wheel, nothing ever really changing. . . 


I invite you to take the first step toward change, by joining me on . . .





























You will join a small group of like-minded women for a days discovery of The Four Principles of Self Nurture - Solitude, Acceptance, Gratitude and Nurture Rituals, to guide you on a path that will ease the burden, and open up a clearer way forward of truly recognising that if you are to love and care for others, work efficiently and willingly, you MUST begin to recognise your own heart, and care for yourself first!

Through movement, discussion, laughter, Mindfulness and gentle guided meditations, simple exercise, creative work and even some singing! I will introduce you to these four simple ideas, giving you a structure within which you can begin to build a loving life with you in the centre of it – where you may have a greater awareness of your own needs, and the ability and confidence to attend to them.

Facilitated by Vicki Hope-Robinson







                                           And, of course,                                                        there will be tea and                                        homemade cake!!













You’ve been on a plane?

Remember the air safety instruction?

Place your own oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs”.

By sharing and being part of a group you can gain support in finally acknowledging the truth that you cannot run on empty. Your tank needs filling, regularly!!


If you have an enquiry Contact Me Here


As you learn to love and care for yourself I believe you will discover a greater and more authentic sense of love for others, finding a renewed sense of energy and clarity in your life.



The nearest station is thirty minutes away at Bangor, with direct connections to London and Crewe, linking to Manchester, Birmingham and all major cities.

By road, the A55 continues from the M56 and my home is approx fifteen minutes from the junction at Menai Bridge. Detailed directions will be supplied on registration.


If you are travelling there are many options of places to stay within a five mile radius. The nearest town is Beaumaris, where there are various hotels and bed & breakfasts.



The retreat day is held in a warm room, with wooden floor and underfloor heating. In winter I may light the stove too, so I would advise you to wear comfortable, stretchy layers. If the sun is shining we may do a couple of exercises outside, so something easy to slip on that is warm. We generally sit on the floor, although you can use a chair if you prefer, so please bring along a cushion and a blanket to lie on, or cover up during relaxation sessions.


Please bring vegetarian food to share for lunch – all tea, coffee, biscuits and cold drinks will be supplied


This is a light and fun day, together we create the experience and a mutual respect for each other is essential. It is not therapy! This day is for you, and for you to choose how much of anything you take part in.



"Imagine the setting, a view of a vast golden sandy bay, sea and blue sky, sat in a huge conservatory with a warmed wood floor. A few like minded women, being shown how to nurture your 'self', your one precious self that you seem to forget or not give time to. Utterly peaceful, serene lovely day with no uncomfortable zones, I would highly recommend it, you deserve it."


Carole, Anglesey

"Having experienced a very trying period in my life due to divorce and bereavement I was keen to attend the retreat day run by Vicki at her beautiful home in Anglesey. I arrived tense, anxious, consumed with life’s worries to an oasis of calm, tranquillity and nurturing atmosphere. Vicki took me out of the darkness and into a brighter place where everything seemed clearer and full of positivity and hope. Highly recommend this course."


Maggie, Manchester








About Vicki

Do you find yourself experiencing a constant nagging . . .a sense of dissatisfaction in so much of what you do?  Do you find yourself rushing from one task to the next, attempting to please everyone and pleasing no one, and wondering when this constant cycle is going to end?

We all just want to be happy.  Only, maybe we're not sure what that means any more?  We live in a society anchored in the belief that happiness exists as a thing outside of ourselves - a possession or accomplishment, an appearance, a relationship, or maybe even just in a job well done.  Only, the more we chase after these acquisitions and goals, the more we find ourselves feeling empty and unfulfilled.

What if we've been looking in the wrong place?  What if there is a way of discovering the happiness that we all seek?

True happiness lies in connection with ourselves, and that connection lies in our own hearts.

Over time we have lost the capacity to turn to our hearts, while our minds are so busy working out what to do next!  If we could only learn how to develop that connection, a new path of contentment can begin to open out for us each day.

As we begin to develop our heart connection, our connections to others begins to change and our capacity for understanding, caring and loving blossoms bringing us closer to the contentment that is our natural heart's desire.

I invite you to join me at my home, overlooking the tranquil waters of Red Wharf Bay, on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey for a day of relaxation, discussion, movement and laughter, where we will explore using Four Simple Principles, and take the first steps on creating that essential pathway to bring more joy and contentment into our lives.


Creating a Pathway to Your Heart

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