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The everyday essential – a job for life! By repeating a ritual we make an activity real.  As we learn and practice the art of nurturing ourselves we begin to accept and believe in the importance of this practice.  If we are to continue to draw on energy within ourselves to love and nurture others through our work and our family and our friends, our daily life, it is vital that we understand what we are really doing and how to do it.  The only way to do that is to know it for ourselves.  Considering gentleness and the need for love and caring as you go about your daily activities will provide a gateway of ease and efficiency in all that you do.  Start by small gestures for yourself – picking a flower, making your favourite drink, making time for a candlelit bath or your favourite movie – and begin to make these gestures a regular habit.  In time you will begin to recognise the value of surrounding yourself with nurture each time you face a daunting task.  It’s time to throw away those old beliefs about “no time for me” and start following a different path with heart! 


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