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Gratitude can be the road back to connection with yourself and the world, particularly in times of great suffering or loss.  At times of lack and difficulty, we can feel there is nothing in our lives to be grateful for, and that hopelessness and despair can lead us to turn further and further away from our experience, leaving us floating unsupported in a sense of an uncaring world.  When we spend time in solitude, and take a moment to consider the very simple things in life, or our experience and allow ourselves to acknowledge the tiniest gesture of others, and of nature, we can slowly begin to allow Gratitude in, gradually we begin to notice the “other” aspect of our life.  By regularly taking time to note – a short list is a good place to start with – just a few things that we appreciate – we can begin to build up a bank of connectedness in our heart.  Some days the list may be endless – and on others it may be necessary to focus on the most basic of experiences, our home, our health, daylight and moonlight.  We can begin to notice things we take for granted – the smiling shop assistant, a bulb emerging from the earth, a raindrop on a petal – beauty all around us, as we open to allow it in, we begin to experience the abundance in our lives

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