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"Imagine the setting, a view of a vast golden sandy bay, sea and blue sky, sat in a huge conservatory with a warmed wood floor. A few like minded women, being shown how to nurture your 'self', your one precious self that you seem to forget or not give time to. Utterly peaceful, serene lovely day with no uncomfortable zones, I would highly recommend it, you deserve it."


Carole, Anglesey



"Having experienced a very trying period in my life due to divorce and bereavement I was keen to attend the retreat day run by Vicki at her beautiful home in Anglesey. I arrived tense, anxious, consumed with life’s worries to an oasis of calm, tranquillity and nurturing atmosphere. Vicki took me out of the darkness and into a brighter place where everything seemed clearer and full of positivity and hope. Highly recommend this course."


Maggie, Manchester



"I thoroughly enjoyed the Self-Nurture workshop. I was definitely in need of pampering myself more and blaming myself less at the time, something I think most women are guilty of. The all women group were warm and friendly and Vicki is a lovely person. Her guided meditations were excellent as she has just the right soothing voice to relax you, and she made it very clear that people would not be expected to go out of their comfort zone. There was plenty of laughter too. The premises the workshop was held in was a delight - light and airy with views over the bay and a lovely tranquil feel to the place. I came away determined to put some of the things we learnt into practice on a regular basis. Highly recommended."


Benita, Manchester


I attended  Vicki’s last event and found it a haven in my busy life.  It was a day of structured, quiet nurturing.   The setting was conducive to  relaxation and peaceful contemplation.   I was able to feel and follow Vicki’s gentle and experienced guidance  in the various activities we undertook.  There was no pressure, some consultation  and opportunities to  be spontaneous.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting others in the group, felt safe and able to share personal  experiences both in  pairs and with the wider group.  We were offered a delicious  lunch  - to which we had all contributed.  Tea and cake  in beautiful china rounded off a thoroughly nurturing day.  I have signed up for the next two days – oases  in my busy calendar for the months ahead.  Thank you  Vicki.

Rhiannon, Anglesey

"I attended Vicki’s gloriously relaxing day and reflected on it many times since. Having never attended anything like this before I was slightly apprehensive as to what I may or may not have to do whilst amongst complete strangers. I need not have worried. I never felt under any pressure to say or do the “right” thing. It was a beautiful day in stunning surroundings. It was an incredibly thought provoking day, one which made me start a daily gratitude journal. I just wrote down something for which I am grateful, my family, my health, my friends, beautiful day, warm smile – it could be anything. This is so good for me to reflect on , like strengthening happiness muscles in my face."


Karen, Anglesey



"Solitude, Acceptance, Gratitude and Nurture Rituals – a recipe for a wonderful day of Retreat.

A truly wonderful experience. Having spent the day being guided by Vicki, through The Four Principles of Self Nurture, I felt totally uplifted, relaxed and inspired. A wonderful experience, enriching, gentle and truly gorgeous.

The experience stayed with me for weeks. The calm and serenity showed on my face. As commented on by the friends and colleagues I met following my retreat to the lovely venue of Tros yr Afon, where Vicki guides you through this magical day. A MUST for ALL Women!"


Paula, London



" I can really recommend the retreat. I personally gained a lot from the day. It gave me space to reflect, time to help me prioritise things 'for me'. Vicki sensitively guided this process through a range of activities and times of discussion and quiet time. The setting for the day was spectacular and it was fantastic to spend some time out doors too. The only down side was that the day went too quickly!"


Lesley, Anglesey


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