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After a long career running my own busy voice over agency, The Voice Box, representing names such as Steve Coogan, Jon Culshaw and housing a stable of the country’s busiest animation voices, I embarked on a path of personal development through my own therapy and deepened that interest by following a four year training programme.  As I began to turn towards the spiritual side of my life, through meditation and reflection, I felt drawn to a more peaceful way of living. 


Following the birth of my son, my husband and I sold up and moved to live by the sea on the beautiful island of Anglesey.  As the beauty of the nature around me began to seep into my soul I longed to share with others the need to pay attention to the gentler side of ourselves, the need to care and nurture our hearts.  As I began to get my thoughts down on paper, gradually the Four Principles emerged, and from there I went on to develop a one day retreat programme for women in small groups, from my home overlooking the stunning waters of Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey. 



I divide my time now between administering our student property portfolio, writing my first novel, and continuing to develop my awareness of the need for including The Four Principles in my every day.  I am still learning! 


A central part of my own life is my Buddhist practice, and I bring the awarenesses gained through my own daily meditation practice to the ideas and thoughts supporting The Four Principles through a daily twitter feed, and posts on my facebook page.   


I still have an awful lot to learn! Following the Four Principles path is not always easy, and balancing my spiritual and business and writing lives is quite an act!  Please read my blog . . . . . . . as I share with you the successes and disasters of the path!! 

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