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Before you Accept, Aspire

I talk a lot about Acceptance in The Four Principles. Sounds easy? Well, not exactly. I think it can be simple to think "OK, I've got that, all I have to do is accept this situation and everything will be fine".

Err, no!

Ooh, where do I go with this? Forwards or backwards? No one is saying that with practicing Acceptance everything will be fine.

Which maybe one of the reasons why we put it off for so long.

Why do it then?

OK - another question. Still, forwards or backwards?

Do I start at the end - Acceptance enables us to be truly present with what is - it enables us to finally have clarity of what is actually possible - to come up with options and ideas to address a situation (often one that we don't like), and place ourselves firmly in the centre of it.

From the centre, we can see 360 degrees - and we can make choices - we can even make some changes. And we can breathe.

Only, the likelihood is, we will also be doing some feeling. Which may be uncomfortable - and may be necessary - a release - and when we release, we become unblocked, we become more open, and spacious, less tense, and all of the side effects that come along with that process.

Why is Acceptance so important? Because it's not always easy to do - because it is something we resist - because it's often the last option - and because it means we are probably going to feel. And by feeling we finally arrive closer to our heart and home, our wisdom place.

Hold on - wait !! I'm getting ahead of myself. I've gone forwards, and I think it may be time to go backwards.

I think where I was coming from when I started writing, was . . . maybe, for now, there may be some situation in your life (I can think of a pretty big one we are all facing just now!!), that you just cant bring yourself to accept.

So, what do you do instead? Well, often you strategise, question, argue with the situation - present your version of events - consider what might be . . . if . . . and that's followed by any number of variants that inevitably end up with the situation exactly the same as when you started . .. or worse. We bargain, come up with conspiracy theories - get angry, a bit of name-calling, lots of blaming.

And still we find ourselves stuck and frustrated.

And even though we have heard of it, we know it, Acceptance can seem like some kind of defeat - or entry into a world we'd rather not acknowledge exists . . .

So, this is where I'm considering introducing Step 1 - the Aspiration.

If, for now, the idea of Acceptance is just a bridge too far, maybe we can allow ourselves an occasional moment of considering that perhaps it is a destination that we are prepared to consider.

And in the meantime, we've just got some more anger to express - and maybe "I'll just try this one strategy" - see if that works in changing things.

And on and on . . .

Meanwhile, the Aspiration slowly begins to do it's work.

And . . . for now, that may just be as far as you can get.

So, I thought I'd leave you with the thought - that if there is a situation that you really don't like, and you wish wasn't happening .- you're really mad and angry and so many are to blame . . .just let in that Aspiration.

"I can't Accept just now - but I can Aspire"

Much love, Vicki xxx

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