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The love you can dream of . . .

February is a great place to start, to bring in reflections on love, what it means to you, what it could be for you . . . The middle point of February is marked by Valentine's day . . . perhaps this could be an opportunity not just to limit our ideas about Valentine's solely to thoughts about love with another, but perhaps to start on the kind of love you might wish for yourself . . .

I've been reflecting on Love, and I'd like to offer you the gift of my thoughts on the Love you might dare to consider . . .

I wish for you . . .

The love for yourself, love that you can carry around with you 24 hours a day. A love that soothes - that envelops and surrounds all the old habits and fears and beliefs, comforts so much that you can finally let them all go.

A love that allows you to feel safe with yourself - safe to trust, to take risks - to sing, dance! A love that says, "you are here, this is your place - you don't need the approval of others."

A love that says, "follow your heart - here it is - allow it to open."

A love that says, "you can use the language you like - you can understand things in a way that feels right for you. You can feel whole, complete, not lacking, satisfied, at ease. Confident to be and say and do the things that emanate from your heart."

A love that knows and is aware of others - that will "do no harm". A love that encourages, nurtures, comforts, gives a little shove when you need it - a love that recognises if you are trying to slide off!

A love that says, "you can cope. You do cope."

A love that reminds you that things will always change, that light always comes - that goodness is always there - a love that reminds you to stay open and trust.

A love that reminds you not to wait "until", but to open your eyes and be here right now.

A love that accepts we are all human - and that we are all doing the best we can with all that we know - each moment.

A love that wishes for others to be happy and prosper.

A love that wants to share.

A love that attracts love and gives love.


Please feel free to comment below, and any shares would be appreciated - spreading the love!! xx

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