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Creating a Pathway to Your Heart

Do you find yourself experiencing a constant nagging . . .a sense of dissatisfaction in so much of what you do?  Do you find yourself rushing from one task to the next, attempting to please everyone and pleasing no one, and wondering when this constant cycle is going to end?

We all just want to be happy.  Only, maybe we're not sure what that means any more?  We live in a society anchored in the belief that happiness exists as a thing outside of ourselves - a possession or accomplishment, an appearance, a relationship, or maybe even just in a job well done.  Only, the more we chase after these acquisitions and goals, the more we find ourselves feeling empty and unfulfilled.

What if we've been looking in the wrong place?  What if there is a way of discovering the happiness that we all seek?

True happiness lies in connection with ourselves, and that connection lies in our own hearts.

Over time we have lost the capacity to turn to our hearts, while our minds are so busy working out what to do next!  If we could only learn how to develop that connection, a new path of contentment can begin to open out for us each day.

As we begin to develop our heart connection, our connections to others begins to change and our capacity for understanding, caring and loving blossoms bringing us closer to the contentment that is our natural heart's desire.

I invite you to join me at my home, overlooking the tranquil waters of Red Wharf Bay, for a day of relaxation, discussion, movement and laughter, where we will explore using Four Simple Principles, and take the first steps on creating that essential pathway to bring more joy and contentment into our lives.

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